Please read these terms carefully before using SXSHOP.EU site and its services. By using site you, without any reservation, signify your agreement to the terms and undertake to comply with them.


NOTE: Terms translated into English using online translators. Therefore, we apologize for any inaccuracies. If someone questions you are uncertain - please contact the Customer Support Services.






1. General Provisions

1.1. SX TECHNOLOGIES UAB (hereinafter - "Seller") provides access to SXSHOP.EU e-commerce web site (hereinafter - "Shop") and the shop sells the goods covered under these conditions (hereinafter - "Conditions") and you (hereinafter - " Purchaser "), registered with the shop, using the shop services, including shop products offered by the order, payment for merchandise, store and use the information published his own, but what kind of access to information, undertake to comply with all obligations under these Terms and Conditions and procedures.

1.2. The seller shall be entitled at any time unilaterally amend these Conditions. Conditions for changes to take effect after publication in the shop time. If the buyer changes the conditions of publication, but the manner in which the use of Shop, it is considered that it unconditionally accepts the arrangements.


2. Customer's Account

2.1. The buyer, in order to buy the shop and/or access other services in shops, must create an account. The account is created during the Buyer must provide correct and complete all the required data. In the event that a buyer is a legal person, he must give a legal person code and VAT number (if any). Buyers are fully responsible for the accuracy and assume full responsibility for all consequences that may arise or due to the irregularity of the data.

2.2. The buyer undertakes to immediately change the login information is submitted to the seller, it will be changed. Buyer understands and agrees that the Seller shall carry out its responsibilities and exercise their rights under the presumption that the buyer's login information is correct and complete. Sold under no circumstances be held liable for damage caused by the Buyer and/or any third person on the ground that the buyer has the incorrect and/or incomplete data or did not change, and completed by the data will be changed.

2.3. Buyer understands and agrees that any action carried out by using the Customer login Customer Data Sold will be taken, so the buyer is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your login information and disclose them to third parties, and to take all reasonable steps to ensure that third parties do not benefit the buyer login information services and/or The seller of the goods ordered or purchased. The buyer assumes full responsibility for any actions of third parties if they were carried out using the Customer login.

2.4. Buyer agrees that Seller shall be entitled at any time, unilaterally, in its sole discretion and without informing the purchaser the right to restrict or eliminate the buyer's account if the seller gives rise to suspicion on the legality of the use of Customer account or if the Purchaser fails to comply with these conditions met.

2.5. Creating your account, and shop for the seller giving their details and/or information, Buyer agrees that the Seller manages and maintain the Customer of any (legal/natural person) and to use them in terms of the objectives, as well as direct marketing, statistical purposes, debt management and other purposes referred to in the privacy policy description. In agreement with these Terms and Conditions, the Buyer also agrees with the seller's privacy policy.

2.6. Seller reserves the right at any time, without having to Customer, terminate the Service, change the store or a separate part of the whole and/or any of its content. Buyer understands and agrees that the Seller will not be held liable for any such action the adverse effects of the Buyer.


3. The purchase - the sales contract

3.1. The purchase - the sales contract is drawn up for each job, ie when the buyer shop, to create a basket of goods, the delivery address and select the payment method.

3.2. The Parties agree that given the sales contract is deemed to be an effect from the moment the buyer aware of the Conditions, click on "I confirm order".

3.3. Any contract concluded between the buyer and the seller is protected by the shop.


4. Goods and pricing

4.1. Goods in this Agreement means any goods which the seller sells and the booking confirmation at the time of which is being published in the shop. Information about the product (product description) is provided in the shop next to each specific product. In the event that the information provided about the product is not enough buyer or the buyer believes that it is misleading, the buyer, before buying a product, must contact the seller for additional information was provided. Ordering the goods, the Buyer confirms that the shop provided with information about the product is complete and it is clear.

4.2. The seller shall be entitled at any time, without contacting the customer, to change any information about goods shop, and other conditions, including but not limited to, store the list of goods, trade descriptions, product prices, delivery conditions.

4.3. The seller shall be entitled at any time, without contacting the customer, to set up or change the minimum order amount. 

4.4. Specific product price is the price in the shop to the job description of the goods at the time of approval.

4.5. Each product is specified or the specified goods are included in the price of value-added tax (VAT). The product price is not included in the product delivery fee unless expressly stated otherwise.


5. Payment

5.1. Seller shall take up the trade order only after the buyer paid in full for the goods and their delivery. Depending on the selected payment method, but no later than 48 hours (if it is clearly no other payment terms) from the sale of goods contract time, the buyer must pay the Seller the whole price of the goods and their delivery price advance by bank transfer or using a payment system payments. com. Payment is considered made when the total amount payable is obtained and counted by the seller's bank account or obtained approval from the settlement system

5.2. Buyer within 48 hours before the deadline, or as otherwise expressly specified time limit for payment, bank transfer or pre-payment systems with aid in the sales contract be terminated, the Buyer shall not be entitled to require the Seller has no obligation to place the product (s) to the buyer.


6. Shipping 

6.1. The seller delivers the goods NOT only in Lithuania. If Buyer is uncertain about shipping to his address and country, Buyer should contact Customer Support Service and clear up before placing an order. Seller is not responsible for any loss if Buyer does not obey this requirement.

6.2. The cost of delivery depends on the total weight of the goods and/or volume and is that what the basket of goods at the time of booking.

6.3. In Lithuania goods are delivered to the Buyer no later than 2 business days after payment is received.

6.4. When Customer ordered goods are dispatched by courier mail or regular post and is delivered to Customer Order to the address. If the consignee is not the buyer that the order must specify the person receiving goods (consignee) name.

6.5. Buyer agrees that the Order to the address delivered product and the product has adopted the signature of the person making the trade papers, it is considered that the product is transferred to the buyer.

6.6. Delivery of the goods, the Buyer or any other product maker must check the package status. If the buyer or other goods maker observes the outer wrapping infringement, it must do with the accompanying documents and packages are listed violations (inspection) Act. Buyer or other person receiving the goods without a signature on the consignment note the comments, it is considered that the consignment is transferred intact, and later claims for breach of the package will not be accepted.

6.7. If the buyer refuses to accept the ordered goods or delivery is impossible due to the buyer ordering item stated an incorrect delivery address, the buyer must pay a fine of 100 EUR to the seller and compensate all the losses incurred by Seller for Customer commitment improper performance or failure. In this case, the purchase - the sales contract is deemed terminated and the Seller the Buyer shall return the money paid for the goods, of which the drawings of the fine and its loss, not later than thirty days from the time of the person authorized to represent the tag found on the contact seller return date.


6.8. Seller is not responsible for the fact that the Purchaser has not been delivered or was delivered late the products ordered if it was caused by the fault of third parties or the circumstances in which the seller could not reasonably foresee and control the sale and purchase agreement is made and was unable to prevent these circumstances or the consequences of the emergence of. Seller is not responsible for customs clearance and import taxes which may occur in the receiving country. Buyer obligates to declare, pay duties and all related expenses according to the law of importing country.

6.9. If the buyer does not exercise any of its obligations under these Regulations, Seller acquires the right to refuse to deliver goods ordered by Customer and unilaterally, without going to court to terminate the purchase and sale agreement. About the contract of sale termination, the buyer is informed Customer registration form at the e-mail address. If the buyer has paid for the goods when he has been notified of termination, Seller agrees to refund the money paid for the goods to the Buyer no later than thirty working days from the date of termination.


7. Warranty 

7.1. Shop all products sold given the manufacturer's quality guarantee.

7.2. The shop sold the goods for an unlimited period of the next item unless otherwise explicitly stated.


8. Returns

8.1. The buyer has the right to return goods in accordance with the 2001 29 June Minister of EconomyMinister Decree No. 217 "The things return and exchange approval of rules." The buyer of such goods may be returned through the presentation of the courier or by sending e-mail no later than 14 working days after delivery of the goods to the customer. In this case, the Buyer returns all of the returned goods paid their price. Purchaser shall be forfeited and not refunded the delivery costs of goods. Returning the goods the Seller shall be borne by the buyer. For goods that are returned in accordance with the conditions provided for the buyer to pay the money to be returned no later than 30 working days after the buyer of returned goods delivery date of the Seller.

8.2. Returned goods must be with the seal intact (if any) can not be used or lost more visually appealing. Goods must be returned in the packaging in which they were delivered. For complete product and packaging sukomplektavimą responsibility of the buyer. If the item is not fully completed, tampering, disorderly and/or improperly packaged, lost more visually appealing or used for sellers to accept returned goods and return it to the buyer for the money.

8.3. The buyer can not return such goods to the return of the Republic of Lithuania does not provide access legislation.

8.4. The buyer is entitled to terminate the contract of sale, notice in writing of the Seller within seven working days after delivery. The seller, the buyer upon receipt of the notification to collect the goods and refund the full amount paid for the goods within five working days.



9.1. The buyer has the right to comment and express their views on the goods in the shop, they are recommending to others or writing reviews shop.

9.2. In exercising the right referred to in point 10.1, the Buyer unconditionally confirms that any buyer of the goods descriptions or any other information, data or content meet the following requirements:

9.2.1. will be correct, accurate or otherwise misleading;

9.2.2. without prejudice to the Seller or third party rights, including intellectual property rights, the rights to commercial confidentiality, the rights to personal privacy, etc..;

9.2.3. violate laws or other legislation.

9.3. Seller reserves the right, in its discretion, to remove and modify any of the Customer comments and feedback to him without having informed.

9.4. Buyer understands that he, not the seller, is liable for all or any of the information and content, the buyer sends, time, or using a platinum shop.

9.5. Using the Shop and any means of providing information to the Buyer free of charge, perpetual, unrestricted, by giving the seller the following exclusive rights:

9.5.1. right in any form or by any means to reproduce, publish, publicly display, make available to the public and distribute the sale, rental, lending or providing other transfer of ownership or management of the information provided by Customer in any form or language;

9.5.2. the right to create derivative works of Customer information.


10. Intellectual property 

10.1. All rights to the store and there is intellectual property is protected. The contents of any shop or information may not be reproduced, made available publicly or distributed without the prior written consent of the Seller.

10.2. All trademarks are the shop are the property of the Seller or the Seller to lawfully use it.


11. The seller's liability limits

11.1. Buyer or seller's liability to third parties arising from these conditions, is limited to the amount of money that the buyer has paid for recent purchases from the seller of the goods.

11.2. Buyer agrees that Seller is not and will not be responsible for the Customer or the third party suffered consequential damages that may result from the shops of failures.


12. Applicable law

12.1. These conditions apply to the law of the Republic of Lithuania.


13. Communication

13.1. Seller, all reports, requirements, applications and other information will send to the purchaser to the e-mail address indicated on the registration form. All the following conditions shall be sent to the Buyer shall be treated as received by the buyer from the time of dispatch.

13.2. Seller is not responsible for any connection to the Internet, e-mail service providers of network failure, for which the buyer does not receive information or evidence of e-mails from the seller. The Parties agree that an electronic letter to the Purchaser a copy of the existence Manager server is adequate proof of any information Buyer removal.

13.3. All notices, demands, requests and questions from Buyer sends shops in the "Contact Us" contact points indicated.


14. Final provisions

14.1. If any provision of these Terms conflict with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, or for whatever reason, becomes partially or completely ineffective, it does not void the remaining conditions. In this case, the parties agree to replace the invalid provision legally effective rate, which, as far as possible, have the same legal and economic result as the modified rate.

14.2. The parties agree that Sellers may at any time assign its rights and obligations resulting from these conditions, any third party without Customer's consent and without having informed him.

14.3. The parties agree that these Terms and Conditions shall prevail in the shop to customers and explanations in respect of service descriptions, as well as the fact that all disputes between the parties will be resolved in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

14.4. All the buyers and sellers to come disagreements over the enforcement of these Terms shall be settled by negotiation. Parties, pending the dispute by negotiation within 15 working days from the date when one of the parties gave the other party a request to resolve the dispute, such dispute shall be the laws of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the court by the seller of the home place.

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