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Power vs. Consumption - Why bigger isn’t always better?

Power vs. Consumption - Why bigger isn’t always better?

Bigger is better, except when it isn’t. When it comes to horsepower, bench press numbers, and the size of the fish you just caught a bigger number is better. However, when it comes to cholesterol numbers or the amount of fuel your car burns to get down the road, many of us would agree that less is desired. The detailing world has been fighting the misconception "that bigger is better" for quite some time. 

Kaip tinkamai pasirinkti priemones dažytų paviršių pažeidimų pašalinimui


Daugeliui iškyla klausimas: kaip panaikinti vienokius ar kitokius ant automobilio paviršiaus esančius įbrėžimus. Rekomenduojame iki galo perskaityti šią instrukciją, o ypač įdėmiai dalį ĮBRĖŽIMO GYLIO IR PAŽEISTŲ DAŽŲ SLUOKSNIŲ NUSTATYMAS.

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RUPES Pad and Compound Recommendation Charts

RUPES Pad and Compound Recommendation Charts

These are the official combinations recommended by RUPES on various paint types. They are designed to be "relative" to each other, given the wide variety in paint types, technique, and various dynamic factors. 

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