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  • The short fiber, edgeless BaldWipe towel is a gentle yet very effective towel. Suits many different applications, being equally as good whether it comes to wiping off coatings, applying Q2M Cure or cleansing the paint.  Q2M BaldWipe can also be used as a universal microfiber for interior detailing.

    3.63 EUR
    In Stock
  • One of the best microfibers on the market, when it comes to removing polishing pastes and all types of oily residue. Edgeless and fabricated with the latest laser-cutting technology, for the safety and durability of the fiber itself. Has two sides, with two different lengths of fiber.

    4.49 EUR
    In Stock
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    Gyeon Q2M Silk Dryer is the most innovative drying towel. It’s unique synthetic fibers absorb impressive amounts of water with fineness. It's important feature is silk-smooth gliding over the paintwork, ensuring a scratch and smudge free drying process, even on the softest paintwork. Q2M Silk Dryer works equally good on coated and uncoated cars.

    10.70 EUR
    In Stock
  • A dual use Mitt: innovative for drying those hard-to-reach areas of your car and effective for contamination removal. Especially good for drying intricate wheels, awkward vents, and boot surrounds – whilst also offering a solution for safely removing difficult contamination when used with other specialist Gyeon Quartz products. 

    12.40 EUR
    In Stock
  • Its main features - safety, softness and comfort - add extended durability due to the innovative type of fibres. 

    16.45 EUR
    In Stock
  • Their ultra-soft, edgeless finish provides a smooth movement on the surface and minimizes the risk of uneven application.   Our suede fibers are available in 3 sizes, starting from the applicator sized 10x10cm, through 20x20cm up to 40x40cm towels.

    5.74 EUR
    Out of stock
  • Q²M WheelBrush is an extremely safe, high quality microfiber brush designed to effectively clean your precious rims wihtout affecting their finish. A gentle, yet effective solution both for enthusiasts and professional detailers. Q²M WheelBrush is made of the same quality fabric as our washing mitt, Q²M Smoothie.

    18.74 EUR
    In Stock
  • Microfibre cloth for removing dirt and greasy films from glass, mirrors and plastics.

    1.31 EUR 1.64 EUR -20%
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • The professional cloth for the highest requirements in paintwork care results, even on sensitive surfaces.

    9.57 EUR
    Out of stock
  • Gentle microfibers are perfect for wiping coatings and all types of quick detailers and spray sealants.

    1.82 EUR
    In stock
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items

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