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Dr.Stöcker: Only the best for your car!

Chemische Fabrik Dr.Stöcker can look back onto a long business tradition in developing and trading car wash chemicals. The company was founded in 1959 and has since been the pathfinder of the automatic car wash in Germany.

Stöcker is today the leading supplier of car wash and car care products for car wash plants, car wash tunnels and self-service car washes.

We offer a complete program with our products, which suffice highest standards. And you rightly deserve the best car care for your money!

Thanks to permanent product innovation and improvement and a tight cooperation with manufacturers of car wash plants we keep up to date.

However, we not only rely on our own competence. There are regular checks by independent auditors. This is why we have been the first company in this branch of trade to be certified according DIN ISO 9001 in 1994. This award includes the quality management in all company fields.

We will do our utmost to become even better in the future so that you can trust in our Know-how and competence.

Dr.Stöcker: product quality, economy, environmental protection and service at the highest standard. It is rewarding to ask for Dr.Stöcker products in the car wash.

Dr.Stöcker Color Code

Dr.Stöcker makes your work easier and more successful by improving details.

Dr.Stöcker ColorCode – an intelligent colour system for product description – gives every product group its own colour. This easies product identification and avoids confusion.

Products and can lids are coloured, adjusting and dosing reports and directions for hazardous goods are labelled accordingly. Simple and safe handling with the following colours:

  • white: wheel rim cleaner
  • yellow: shampoo
  • green: foam cleaner
  • blue: drying agent
  • orange: wax / preserving agent
  • black: all other products




Car Wash Chemicals


We offer better results. Our product lines impress – by adherence to legal regulations – by being safe to use, outstanding quality, a strict programme structure and crystal clear transparency. And this by offering a sensational cost/performance ratio.


Are you passionate about wash business? Then look forward to these premium programmes providing the perfect wellness for your car. Your customer can experi-ence outstanding results with all senses. Pure luxury - for your financially strongest customers with highest demands. Market-leading in pre-cleaning, drying and preservation - with your plant and our top products your customers can experience the measurable difference. And come back.


You want to set new standards? You appreciate deliberate and perfectly coordinated formulations? Then go for the success! High efficiency due to double concentrates as well as superior quality, low consumption costs and first-class results make this series a success - for you and your customers.


You like a strong cleaning effect and at the same time caress the polish? By using this series you will meet the strict directives of automobile manufacturers already today. The balanced relationship of strong cleaning power and modern raw material components will turn this automatic car wash into a symbiosis of cleaning and care.


You like to respond to the individual requirements of your customers? Here you are right! Additional benefit or handling of problems – our special products provide solutions to specific problems.


Is your gantry or car wash plant temporarily only marginally frequented? Then experience brilliant basic services in good quality at absolutely favorable prices and good results!


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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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