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From the start E.V.I. GmbH focused on their know-how in "surface technology" and defined this as their core area. Since then, this core competence has been systematically and continually developed.


The result of this strategy is reflected in the products, setting new standards in use (effect), application ease, environmental compatibility and product marketing.


And last but not least, because of the consistent focus on "surface technology" and the subsequent innovation, it is now an international market leader principally in markets worked by E.V.I.


E.V.I. is represented (with its products) in over 50 countries worldwide. So the whole company's thinking and behavior is geared to this internationality.



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  • Novel 1-step high-performance polish concentrate for small and medium scratches Quick help for light to medium scratches! Small scratches and scrapes in the vehicle paint quickly occur. Now, using the QUIXX X-Press Scratch Remover, they can be removed just as quick.

    6.98 EUR
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  • QUIXX 3-in-1 Polish: is three great products in one! The Idea: One “Multi-Function-Product” that can polish nearly every exterior and interior surface of your car. Contents: QUIXX 3-in-1 Polish (500 ml), 3 Application-Sponges, 1 Premium Microfibre Cloth

    16.52 EUR
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  • “Multi-Function-Product” that restores, conditions, seals and protects nearly every exterior and interior surface of your car

    13.88 EUR
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  • 1 Review(s)

    One “Multi-Function-Product” that cleans nearly every exterior and interior surface of your car. cleans, nourishes and protects nearly every exterior and interior surface of your car Innovative QUIXX Hydrophilic Cleaning Technology

    10.32 EUR
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  • 2 Review(s)

    Removes small and medium scratches from glass Versatile use: car, smartphone, watches, furniture, household, hobby, windows, etc. Professional results thanks to DPT (DIAMOND-POLISHING-TECHNOLOGY) Repair instead of replacing All-inclusive kit For approx. 30-40 applications

    20.00 EUR
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  • "Genuine clear coat in the Pen" for extremely deep and wide scratches, as well as stone chips Deep scratches and scrapes, that can even reach down to the primer, can no longer be polished out. For these cases of hardship, the QUIXX Repair system provides the Paint Repair Pen. It fills in deep scratches, repairs them and, thus, prevents impending corrosion...

    10.70 EUR
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