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  • Gyeon Q² Fabric Coat is an advanced silica-based coating for modern automotive textiles that lays down an invisible and highly hydrophobic barrier that repels liquids and soiling. Prevents fading out of textiles.   Durability: up to 6 months Hydrophobic: YES UV protection: YES Alcohol free: YES Consumption: 80ml/1m2

    15.28 EUR
    In Stock
  • Step 1 CLEANSGuaranteed safe & effective cleaning on all canvas, cloth, mohair and vinyl convertible tops Easily removes contaminants and stubborn stains like hard water, bird droppings, oil, etc. Penetrating, biodegradable formula safely removes stains with no hard scrubbing

    9.91 EUR
    In Stock
  • Step 2 - PROTECTSCreates a long lasting barrier against UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, stains and more  Specially developed for canvas, cloth, mohair and vinyl tops Leaves an invisible coating that repels water & stains while helping prevent colour fade from UV exposure 

    16.52 EUR
    In Stock
  • Removes scratches from acrylic and Plexiglas® surfaces Acrylic or Plexiglas® …numerous objects in daily use are manufactured from these. Unfortunately, these materials are very prone to scratches and scrapes. In the event, a quick and easy remedy is provided by our QUIXX Acrylic Scratch Remover, proven millions of times!

    8.22 EUR
    In Stock
  • Pre-cleaner for the thorough cleaning of vehicles completely or partially foil covered, quickly and reliably dissolves all typical road dirt prior to the carwash. For all kinds of exterior foils.

    8.28 EUR
    In Stock
  • SX PRO+ COAT MARK G - silicio junginių pagrindu pagaminta danga automobilio priekiniam stiklui pasižyminti stirpiu vandenį atstumiančiu efektu. ILGAAMŽIŠKUMAS: ±3 mėnesiai SAVAIMINIS NUSIVALYMAS: >50 km/val. ATSPARI VALIKLIAMS: pH 2-11 TOLERANTIŠKA ALKOHOLIAMS: taip, pilnai SĄNAUDOS: 20ml / priekiniam stiklui + 2 šoniniams stiklams

    20.00 EUR
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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