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  • GYEON Q2 RIM is an advanced quartz coating specifically formulated to withstand very high temperatures (up to 350°C) and aggressive cleaning chemicals, which makes it ideal for protecting wheels, brake calipers and exhaust tips. DURABILITY: 6-9 months /10K km THICKNESS: 0,5qm PH TOLERANCE: pH 2-11 HARDNESS: +3H TEMP. RESISTANCE: >350°C CONSUMPTION:...

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  • GYEON Q2M IRON is one of the most efficient products removing metallic contamination from all types of surface. GYEON Q2M IRON gel formula, owing to which it may stay longer on the surface of the paint in comparison to other items available on the market. pH: 6 CONSUMPTION: 150ml/car

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  • Q²M WheelBrush is an extremely safe, high quality microfiber brush designed to effectively clean your precious rims wihtout affecting their finish. A gentle, yet effective solution both for enthusiasts and professional detailers. Q²M WheelBrush is made of the same quality fabric as our washing mitt, Q²M Smoothie.

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  • Dissolves dirt and grime from wheels & tyres!Safe on ALL clear coated wheels Xtreme ClingTM grabs and dissolves brake dust & grimeContents: 710 ml

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  • QUIXX 3-in-1 Polish: is three great products in one! The Idea: One “Multi-Function-Product” that can polish nearly every exterior and interior surface of your car. Contents: QUIXX 3-in-1 Polish (500 ml), 3 Application-Sponges, 1 Premium Microfibre Cloth

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    One “Multi-Function-Product” that cleans nearly every exterior and interior surface of your car. cleans, nourishes and protects nearly every exterior and interior surface of your car Innovative QUIXX Hydrophilic Cleaning Technology

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  • Special cleaner for stubborn dirt such as burned-in brake dust, oil and other road dirt on steel and alloy wheel rims.

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