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  • GYEON Q2 LEATHERCOAT is an advanced silica-based coating for modern leather upholstery that lays down an invisible and highly hydrophobic barrier that repels liquids and soiling. Withstands friction and mechanical wear for upwards of three months at a time, and virtually impervious to liquids and grime.  DURABILITY: 3 months BARRIER AGAINT LIQUIDS: yes...

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  • Easy wipe away future stains! Keeps your leather looking, and feeling like new longer. Advanced hybrid polymers combine rich conditioners and protective polymers that keep surface protected. Allowing you to easily wipe away potential stains.

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    One “Multi-Function-Product” that cleans nearly every exterior and interior surface of your car. cleans, nourishes and protects nearly every exterior and interior surface of your car Innovative QUIXX Hydrophilic Cleaning Technology

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  • The emollient detergent formula safely washes leather clean without damaging it or drying it out. Provides hydration and long-lasting protection against future soiling and UV radiation.

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  • RUPES M501 Multi Purpose Degreaser is a highly effective cleaner that removes soil from a wide variety of automotive surfaces. The concentrated formula is powerful enough to degrease an engine, yet safe enough for the most delicate Italian leathers.

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