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  • Gyeon Q² Fabric Coat is an advanced silica-based coating for modern automotive textiles that lays down an invisible and highly hydrophobic barrier that repels liquids and soiling. Prevents fading out of textiles.  Durability: up to 6 months Hydrophobic: YES UV protection: YES Alcohol free: YES Consumption: 80ml/1m2

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  • HEAVY DUTY Carpet & Interior CLEANER removes:Grease Coffee Pet Stains Soft DrinksLipstick Mustard Milk & more...

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  • Formulated specifically for automotive and marine professional use Highly concentrated multi-surface cleaning solution Cost-effective concentrate dilutes with up to 20 parts of water Safe for almost all interior and exterior automotive surfaces Wipes away completely Leaves no residue behind when diluted 20:1 Not flammable

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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