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Nearly a Century of Experience


Engine treatments are a science – a very precise science. Not all are created equal. Our engineering team at Rislone has been creating automotive chemicals, additives, treatments and cleaners for almost a century, for consumers, auto clubs and professional race teams alike. We know that the key to giving you real performance, efficiency and value is fully understanding the chemistry behind what we do. We also have an in-depth knowledge of what goes on in your engine every time you fire it up, even for the most modern engines. Turbocharging, supercharging, diesel, direct injection – you name it, we’ve studied it.


In our experience, there are many factors that stress your engine and transmission during operation:

  • Stress and friction due to mechanical movement
  • The heat that is created in your engine, especially in turbocharged or supercharged applications
  • Internal pressures due to combustion and gas or diesel fuel injection


Put all of these factors together and it’s easy to see that your engine and transmission are put to the test every time you drive. Starting, stopping, accelerating and towing all tax your engine, transmission and fuel system. Multiply this by the number of years your vehicle will be in service plus harsh and varying weather conditions, and you’ll start to understand just how important proper engine treatment is.


What you might not know is that, even when your vehicle is at rest, it’s still subjected to various forms of stress:

  • Hot and cold weather extremes, causing condensation and expansion or contraction
  • A loss of lubrication that allows metal-on-metal contact during start-up
  • A breakdown of fluid properties over extended periods of disuse


The only way to combat these effects and ensure that your engine is ready to run at optimal performance is to use products that are formulated to respond accordingly. We’ve spent nearly 100 years perfecting our engine, fuel and transmission treatments and additives. As vehicles have become more and more complex, with added technologies and performance demands, we have kept up the pace of our research.


As a result, today we can offer some of the most scientifically advanced and high-performance engine and fuel treatment products on the market. We’re proud of what we can do for the performance of your engine and enjoy hearing back from customers all around the world who see the real performance, efficiency and reliability gains every single day. You can find detailed information on all of our products right here on our site, and learn more about their benefits, advantages and applications.


Your Car Is What It Eats. Make It Rislone.


Just like your body, your car’s components can age from years of neglect, wear and stress. You need a way to clean up these systems to give your car a fighting chance at a long life. Rislone products are specially formulated to clean, condition and provide peak performance for the rest of your car’s days.


We have the perfect product to meet all your goals, whether you’re looking to maintain, boost or extend your car’s performance. We’ve been in the business of engineering legendary performance chemicals for the automotive aftermarket since 1921, so we know a thing or two about longevity.


The award-winning Rislone team of chemical engineers continuously work to give you the best automotive additives in the industry so you can keep to your Rislone Regimen. Whether you’re looking to maintain, boost, or extend your car’s performance, we create the perfect product to meet those goals – just ask millions of racing and off-road enthusiasts worldwide. We keep your car’s performance in top shape so you can rest assured that it will get you where you need to be – whether it’s out to dinner, to the office, or off the line faster.


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Showing 1 - 19 of 19 items

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